Dutch utility Nuon has announced the launch of an innovative biomas co-firing programme at its 250 MW power plant in Buggenum, in the province of Limburg.The company expects to reduce carbon emissions by more than a fifth through the move that will see biomass gasified before combustion in a gas turbine.

Øystein Løseth, a member of the Nuon Board. Said: “Nuon is the only company in the world to gasify biomass and coal on a large scale for the production of electricity, which we are doing in Buggenum. So ‘clean fossil fuel’ has become a reality.”

The company is furthermore expected to trial carbon capture at Buggenum once preparations are complete. In addition, a new 1,200 MW power plant that Nuon is also currently developing is based on clean coal technology as well. The company will decide in mid-2007 whether this power plant will be built.