ICM will act as BioGold’s exclusive engineering firm and general contractor for all of BioGold’s future facilities. ICM has also acquired the right to market municipal waste processing facilities to non-municipality customers, such as private industry, for which BioGold will receive an agreed upon licensing fee.

Pursuant to the agreement, BioGold has entered into a professional services agreement and will enter into a design and build agreement with ICM to design and construct BioGold’s waste-to-energy plant in Harvey County, Kansas.

BioGold has now entered the engineering and design phase with ICM for the Kansas facility to be built next to the county’s transfer station on land leased to BioGold from the county for $1 per year. BioGold plans to finalize the design and begin construction of this facility within six months which will begin taking in municipal solid waste, then adding tires and many other forms of municipal waste.

Steve Racoosin, CEO of BioGold Fuels, said: We are excited to be jointly developing a fully engineered and fully integrated commercial plant that will harvest the energy value of municipal solid waste, tires and all forms of waste created by municipalities and other producers.