Comprising SG3010 and SG2097 smart meter series, SG600 and SG6200NXL smart controller series, the solution will be designed to automatically manage electricity usage from C&I users, including commercial hotels, business buildings, SMB offices, factories and schools , body corporate in the sectional title complex (STC), multi dwelling units and apartments.

The system also features BC System-supplied cloud-based system, which will store all data, automatically analyze, report and send out the latest electricity usage information to help the customers remotely monitor and manage their electrical appliances.

Billion Electric director Ben Chen said the solution will help the users to save electricity and fulfill the vision of reducing carbon footprint at the largest level.

”Moreover, it will reduce overall maintenance costs generated from hand-writing meters and avoid any possible mistake resulted from hand-writing,” Chen added.

The lightweight, low power usage and secure smart energy management system features smart meters series, smart controller series and centralized cloud platform for complex buildings.