The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste and recycling collection system help the customers to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously achieving substantial budgetary savings.

BigBelly Solar CEO Barry Fougere said the company has evolved from the creation of the patented solar compactor into an enterprise system provider for optimally managing public space waste & recycling collection operations.

"Every BigBelly and SmartBelly component senses activity and provides information to our customers in real-time," Fougere said.

Texas A&M University Landscape Maintenance Foreman Koby Weatherford said over the past few years, the BigBelly system has helped to reduce operating costs while increasing recycling options and keeping the campus cleaner.

The combination of mix and match system components enables a full range of custom-configured stations that address specific waste and recycling capacity and stream mix, including those locations where volumes do not support an investment in on-site compaction, the company said.