BIG North Graphite Corporation has begun an exploration program on the 6,500ha Lyndoch - Griffith and Brougham properties, located in southern Ontario, US.

Majority exploration work will be undertaken by MPH Consulting with a helicopter airborne EM survey flown at 100m line-spacing.

A report on the property will also be prepared by Canada-based G.A. Harron and Associates covering the results of the airborne survey, combining all the geology and past work, and suggest recommendations for detailed surface follow-up work to begin early this year.

Lyndoch – Griffith and Brougham properties were identified to have unexplored tracts of graphite-prospective geology with two equal-size claim blocks in each prospects, which are located about 140km south of Ottawa.

The properties contain or adjoin numerous historical graphite occurrences such as the Black Donald Mine, prospective for graphitic carbon, located to the south of the current Big North Brougham block on the south side of Black Donald Lake.