Bids for the construction of three dams forming part of Jordan’s Southern Ghor development scheme have been opened, revealing a Greek-Yugoslavian venture to be the low bidder for two of the schemes whil a French firm was found to be lowest bidder for the third.

Greece’s Aegek with Yugoslavia’s Hidrogranja submitted a price of US$28.9M for the contract to build the Wala dam. In second place, at US$3.3M, was France’s Bec Freres with third place at US$40.1M going to Italy’s Salini with Spain’s Necso.

Augek and Hidrogranja were also low bidder, at US$65.8M, for the Mujib dam. In second place was Italy’s Astaldi and Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Binladin, at US$74.01M, followed by Salini with Necso at US$75.2M.

Bec Freres was lowest bidder for the Tannur dam, offering US$30.7M. It was followed by Aegek and Hidrogranja at US$31.3M, while in third place was Energoproject of Yugoslavia, with their offer of US$34.7M.

Designs for the Southern Ghor scheme have been completed by a joint venture of Brown and Root from the US, and the locally based Masar Engineering. The scheme is being part-financed by a US$113M loan from the Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.