The work is part of a rehabilitation scheme being carried out at the two plants and is part funded by a credit from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The 400MW Dokan and 249MW Derbandikhan schemes are the largest power plants in the Kurdistan Region of the country, and both are connected to the National Grid. Each plant is part of a multipurpose scheme for power production and irrigation.

The Dokan dam is located on the Lesser Zab River, approximately 220km upstream from its confluence with the Tigris River, adjacent to the town of Dokan. Derbandikhan dam is located on the Sirwan River, immediately upstream of the town of Derbandikhan, approximately 150km upstream of the Hemrem Dam.

The scope of work on both schemes includes the design, manufacture, factory testing, delivery, civil works, installation, training, site testing and commissioning of the following main equipment: control and monitoring systems; turbine governors; generator, transformed and turbine protection systems; energy meters.

For further information please contact the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Electricity or ELC Electroctroconsult at the addresses below. Deadline for submission of bids is 1 April 2009.

Mr Fatih Saeed Salih
General Directorate of Electricity of Suleimaniah
Salm St., Suleimaniah, Iraq
Tel: +964 (0)770 158 0336

Federico Ciampitti
ELC Electroctroconsult
Vai 1 Maggio 41, 20021 Baranzate (Milano), Italy
Tel: +39 023 833 51
Fax: +39 023 833 5353