Said to be the largest power plant in the country, the Kosti facility features four units, each with 125MW capacity, crude oil-fired boilers, steam turbines and generators, control systems and 220kV switchyard, as well as associate auxiliaries.

The Indian company said that Kosti is its largest oil-fired thermal power plant in Africa.

Bhel secured a $457m contract to build the power plant for National Electricity Corporation (NEC). It has manufactured the equipments for the project at its facilities across India.

The company has built a water supply canal connecting with the White Nile River, to supply water to the project.

The project was backed by a $350m loan from the Indian Government through the Exim Bank.

Bhel has recently commissioned the 28MW Nyaborongo hydroelectric project in Rwanda, and two 20MW steam turbine and generators for cogeneration application at Tendaho Sugar Factory in Ethiopia.