The well, 4-SPS-66C (4-BRSA-732C) known as Abare West, proved the presence of an accumulation of oil and natural gas in a separate structure within the 1-SPS-50 evaluation plan area on BM-S-9, said BG Group.

According to the company, the evaluation plan area also encompasses the separate Iguaçu and Carioca discoveries. Abare West is approximately 30km from the Iguaçu discovery and 40km from the Carioca discovery and 50km to the west of the Guara discovery (1-BRSA-494-SPS), also in the BM-S-9 concession.

Abare West is in 2,163 metres of water, approximately 290km off the coast of Sao Paulo State and encountered a hydrocarbon column containing oil, gas and carbon dioxide in pre-salt reservoir sections.

The company said that the well will be fully analysed and the forward plan for this discovery will be incorporated into the evaluation plan for this accumulation approved by ANP.

Frank Chapman, chief executive of BG Group, said: “Abare West further extends an outstanding sequence for BG Group and partners operating in the Santos Basin, with eight discoveries in three years.”

BG Group has interests in five concessions in the deep water Santos Basin: BM-S-9, 10, 11 and 50, which are operated by Petrobras; and BM-S-52, which is operated by BG Group. The company also holds operated interests in the BM-S-47 and BM-S-13 concessions in the shallow water Santos Basin and holds one onshore concession (BT-SF-2) in the Sao Francisco Basin in Minas Gerais State.

BG Group has a controlling stake (60.1%) in Brazilian gas distribution company, Comgas.