BFPL had been seeking land which was close to existing transmission infrastructure, but not vulnerable to the cyclones which annually lash the West Australian coastline.

Horizon Power had entered a non-binding memorandum of understanding with BFPL to conduct a feasibility study into the development of a 100 megawatt solar thermal power station in the Pilbara hinterland. The company had also agreed to a potential off-take arrangement to underwrite the project.

The relationship between the parties described was not a partnership, nor did it limit Horizon Power to deal exclusively with Oswal Power, a spokeswoman said. Horizon Power will continue to work with any proponent to investigate the commercial and technical feasibility of large-scale renewable generation in its service area.

Pilbara Regional Council Executive Officer Adrian Ellson said that the decision to proceed with the project in South Australia was a letdown.

The PRC is disappointed … we would have much preferred to have it here, Ellson said.