The West Bengal government has begun taking steps to reform the state power sector, according to industry sources.

A series of measures have been taken to implement the recommendations of the NC Basu Committee on power sector reforms. The measures initiated by the West Bengal State Electricity Board (WBSEB) and West Bengal Power Development Corporation (WBPDCL) include seeking the help of the Power Finance Corporation (PFC) to choose a consultant to identify and evaluate WBSEB’s assets; issuing a circular to the 38,000 WBSEB employees on reorganisation in the West Bengal power sector; and amending WBSEB rules to make voluntary retirement easier.

The circular follows WBSEB’s policy of ‘transparency and maintaining communication with the employees’. It also mentions decisions about implementing a hydro corporation while also unveiling the government’s plan to restructure the distribution zones of WBSEB as cost centres.