The renewable energy project is owned by Bellefontaine Gas Producers LLC, which is a joint venture between DTE Biomass Energy and Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Inc.

The generating facility follows on a very successful leachate evaporation project operating at the site since 1999, said Mark Cousino, DTE Biomass Energy president. The collaboration between the DTE Biomass Energy-Shaw partnership and Republic resulted in an environmentally beneficial energy project which will produce renewable energy for years to come.

The renewable electricity produced at this facility from landfill gas is enough to supply the yearly electric requirements of 4,800 households.

Republic is very excited that an existing, mature use of the landfill gas at Cherokee Run through the evaporator has been supplemented with an electric generating project that will provide green power to the area, said Bill Held, senior director of renewable energy for Republic. This demonstrates the ability of multiple partners to work together creatively and positively.