BeamClamp fixings offer a steelwork connecting solution, a more cost-effective fixing method than traditional welding or drilling, says Access.

The fixings are designed to secure secondary to primary steelwork without the need for on-site welding or drilling. In contrast to traditional drilled or welded joints, the fixings allow easy adjustment and re-alignment to cope with site tolerances, reducing installation difficulty and time.

The range is ideally suited to a variety of beam to beam, channel to beam, strut to beam and other connections. It also includes a versatile choice of BoxBolt fixings for making connections to hollow section steelwork or where access is only available from one side of a structure.

The range is manufactured from ductile iron and gives up to 15% greater tensile strength than ordinary malleable iron fixings. All clamps are hot dip galvanised as standard to provide much better corrosion resistance than traditional electro zinc plating coatings.

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