Eligible BC Hydro customers can receive $35 off a ‘home energy monitor’ – a device that can be used in the home and shows real-time electricity use in kilowatt hours, dollars and cents.

The devices help homeowners make better decisions around when and how they use electricity.

Most BC Hydro customers already have access to their daily and hourly electricity use through their free online account called MyHydro.

Both MyHydro and ‘home energy monitors’ help customers identify opportunities to save energy and money, and are available thanks to BC Hydro’s new smart meters and smart grid.

The home energy monitor displays electricity use information in real-time.

There are two types of monitors available: a stand-alone display device valued at $70 or an internet-connected gateway device valued at $100 that syncs with a smartphone or computer.

These devices are currently available to BC Hydro customers who live in detached or semi-detached homes and have a smart meter that is connected to BC Hydro’s network.

The devices can be purchased for $35 or $65 respectively until the end of the year.