The contracts are for the rivers of the following districts:

• Balakan – 4234m long

• Zagatala – 5838m long

• Gakh – 5571m long

• Sheki – 4570m long

• Oguz – 1047m long

• Gabala – 1000m long

• Goychay – 1000m long

• Ismailli – 750m long

• Aksu – 1050m long

Details and specifications are provided in the bidding document. Bidders may bid for one package, all packages or a combination. A loan has been received from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) towards the cost of the project.

CONTACT: For more information or to register a bid, contact Tofiq Shafiev, Project Management Office, Flood Mitigation Project, State Amelioration and Water Farm Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Moscow Avenue, 69A, Institute of Water Problem, 5th Floor Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. Tel: +99450 376 7135; 350 5453. Email:

Interested bidders should contact the address above and pay a non-refundable fee of US$200 per package as a bank transfer to: Project Management Office, Tax ID – 1300175191, Acct. No.s: local currency: 768848 AZM 3304-01, foreign currency: 768848 US$ 3314-01, International Bank of Azerbaijan, Narimov branch, Tax ID – 99000018881, Corr, Accc: 0137010002031, Code: 805540, SWIFT: IBAZAZ2X.