The Aylesbury Vale District Council in UK has rejected plans for the proposed development of the 10MW Dorcas Lane wind farm.

The council refused to provide requisite permission for the construction of four, 125m high wind turbines at at Dorcas Lane, Stoke Hammond.

The Force 9 Energy-led proposal was deemed to have a negative impact on the landscape and properties of the region, reported BBC News.

Commenting on the trial Councilor Neil Blake claimed that it was a brave decision in the wake of federal pressure to approve the development of wind farms.

""However, they also say that it shouldn’t be at any cost. And if the detrimental effects to residents outweigh the benefits of a wind farm, then that should be taken into account, and that’s what we did," added Blake.

Force 9 Energy bemoaned the disapproval, calling it a missed opportunity for the region and said that the location was ideal for the project with good wind speed and electricity network.

Force 9 Energy director David Butterworth noted. "We will look carefully at the reasons for this decision before deciding what to do next."

The project had an estimated annual power production capacity of 26,280MWh to power nearly 4,900 – 5,800 homes in the region.