The company has reduced 50% of CO2 equivalents or 31,000 tons until 2010, as part of its ongoing efforts to be environmentally responsible.

AMS has mapped the CO2 generation of all company activities including its employees, over the last two years.

This year, the company plans to reduce its CO2 emission equivalents by more than 9,000 tons by switching to 100% green electricity based mainly on water generated sources.

Austriamicrosystems CEO John Heugle said the company constantly reviews the impact of its business on the environment and take steps to reduce pollution.

Heugle stated, "Focused on clean technology to reduce our CO2 impact, we are proud to announce that we are making significant progress towards the zero carbon footprint goal we have set for the company."

The company has implemented various programs which are currently in operation which include thermo solar cooling, state-of-the-art cleaning of waste water and exhaust air, creating products for renewable energy applications and biomass plant construction.

The programs have reduced the company’s use of coal and oil generated electricity in line with its carbon neutrality target.