Just this week, we have seen the Opposition’s spokesman on emissions trading talking up the merits of a carbon tax over emissions trading, Wong said.

That is to say that senior members of the Coalition are considering a new tax that cannot guarantee reductions in Australia’s carbon pollution as an alternative to supporting the Government’s carbon pollution reduction scheme that will reduce Australia’s emissions from next year.

Perhaps Mr Hunt could tell us why Mr Robb, who is the person assisting Malcolm Turnbull on emissions trading, came out yesterday and argued for carbon tax, Wong said.

We in the Government are very clear about our policy.

Senator Wong reiterated her intention to reduce Australia’s emissions by five to 1%. Anything above that was not an option.

Can I say in terms of targets that if you set a target, you have to make a plan to meet it, Wong said.

We have a plan and that is the carbon pollution reduction scheme to enable Australia over time to reduce its emissions.

You don’t achieve targets simply by setting them.