Australian energy firm Aurora Energy has announced that it is working closely with private electrical contractors and building owners to expedite the reconnection of power to those central business district premises still without power following the Myer blaze.

Aurora inspectors cleared another two buildings in Liverpool Street for the reconnection of power supplies. However, a further four buildings in the Liverpool Street precinct are still without power while private contractors complete repair work.

Aurora’s team leader of distribution operations said: While Aurora’s infrastructure had not been impacted by the fire, restoration of power supplies was being impeded by the extent of damage to private infrastructure. Businesses in the Cat and Fiddle Arcade have sustained damage to internal wiring systems caused by fire-fighting activity associated with Saturday’s blaze.

In the interests of public safety it is essential that all repair work receives safety clearances from our inspectors before power is turned back on. We’re working with the private contractors to give whatever help we can to ensure this happens as quickly as possible. Aurora inspectors will remain on duty throughout the night to give safety clearances as work is completed by the private contractors.