The two Sunflow variants E and D catering to the ethanol and diesel markets respectively, are derived directly from sunlight and waste CO2.

The partnership will help production, fuel testing, validation, lifecycle analysis and support for Joule’s demonstration facility located in Hobbs, New Mexico that commenced operations earlier this month.

Audi’s expertise and global reach will help the fuel manufacturer while the auto major will have a first mover advantage as Joule’s exclusive partner in the automotive sector.

Commenting on the partnership Audi head of environmental products Reiner Mangold remarked that it had the potential for CO2-neutral mobility.

"Joule and the fuels it is developing can ultimately enable sustainable mobility, as its highly-efficient process consumes waste CO2emissions, avoids depletion of natural resources and doesn’t require agricultural feedstock or arable land. It is the ideal sustainable fuel platform for Audi to support," said Mangold.