The 10 year initiative includes an expected $350m to purchase approximately 8,000 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles over a five-year period, including the 1,000th alternative-fuel vehicle, a CNG van deployed in Oakland, California.

AT&T anticipates spending another $215m through 2018 to replace 7,100 fleet passenger cars with alternative fuel models. According to the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), AT&T’s overall alternative fuel vehicle initiative will save 49 million gallons of gasoline over the 10-year deployment period and reduce carbon emissions by 211,000 metric tons

Jerome Webber, vice president of AT&T Fleet Operations, said: “In a time of deep economic uncertainty, AT&T is making investments in our corporate fleet that are good for our business, the environment and our economy.

”The deployment of our 1,000th alternative-fuel vehicle signals a demand for cleaner alternative fuels that are less volatile in cost and that can be tapped here in America, right now. CAR estimates that the AT&T fleet initiative will create or save, on average, approximately 1,000 jobs per year over the first five years of the initiative.”