The initial rate and associated pressures exceeded original expectations and the well established a rate in excess of 7,000 boe per day.

The Mississippi Canyon 941 #3 well is located on the Mirage Field and is the second well brought on production at the Telemark Hub location utilizing the ATP Titan floating drilling and production platform.

As per BOEM guidelines with initial production, the MC 941#3 will be renamed the MC 941 A-1 and when drilled, the well encountered four Miocene sands totaling 266ft of pay.

The A-1 well is completed at a measured depth of 16,300ft in two of the discovered sands.

However, plans are to commingle production from the two completed sands.

ATP operates the deepwater Telemark Hub in approximately 4,000ft of water with a 100% working interest and holds a 100% ownership in ATP Titan.