The Atkins dams and reservoirs team will be engaged in designing, planning and eventually supervising the works on Pitlochry dam. To meet existing safety standards, it is necessary to raise the cut offs on both sides of the 60 year old dam to prevent water flowing round the dam on each side.

On the north side of the dam, this will need to be raised for a distance of approximately 90m in open excavation and on the south side for approximately 10m in tunnel. Work is scheduled to begin in November 2006.

At Clunie concrete gravity dam, Atkins has been commissioned to undertake the design and supervision of a site investigation contract to enable the design of ground anchors to be carried out. Once this investigation is complete, Atkins will work closely with a contractor to design and supervise the installation of ground anchors to stabilise this 30m high dam, which was constructed in the 1950’s.