The project included building the new Oak Ridge Substation in Fitchburg and constructing approximately six miles of transmission line to connect the new substation to an existing substation in Verona.

The project was introduced to the public in 2005, approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin in January 2008, and construction began in summer 2008. Construction of the new substation was completed in May 2009 and the overall project costs will come in under the PSC-approved amount at $18.8m. ATC continues to complete restoration along the right-of-way.

Charlie Gonzales, local relations representative of ATC, said: “This new infrastructure is providing much needed reinforcement to the transmission system serving the area. The new line can better accommodate electric load growth in the community, and it creates an alternate path for electricity to flow in the event of an outage on another portion of the network.”