Astronergy Solar has been awarded six of these projects with a combined capacity of 7.86MW.

The six projects include the on-grid rooftop photovoltaic plant of Sinosteel in Changxing county, Zhejiang province; the off-grid photovoltaic system in Nanji, Pingyang county, Zhejiang province; the on-grid photovoltaic plant of Wenzhou Medical College; the on- grid photovoltaic plant of Zhejiang Xindi Group; the on-grid rooftop photovoltaic plant in Chint Electrical Industry Park and the photovoltaic building system of Astronergy Solar.

Liyou Yang, CEO of Astronergy Solar, said: “We already have the broadest photovoltaic product lines in China, ranging from monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules to high-efficiency a-Si/uc-Si thin film modules.

“The 2MW rooftop on-grid photovoltaic project in Hangzhou’s Energy and Environment Industrial Park, which was completed in September of this year, provides us with valuable experience in the running of such projects.”

As part of their effort to boost the solar energy sector and expand domestic demand, the ministries of finance & science and technology, along with the National Energy Administration of China, formally launched the Golden Sun Demonstration Projects on July 21, 2009.

These projects cover the entire photovoltaic industry chain. The country plans to support solar power projects with a combined generating capacity of at least 500MW in the form of government subsidies over the next two to three years.