The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PSS is a pipeline scheduling software that will help pipeline companies, refineries and terminals to maximize the pipeline schedules and increase profitability and safety.

DSS will help refineries and terminals to schedule their docks and save demurrage costs that results from delay in on-loading and off-loading the cargo.

Aspen added the newly acquired PSS and DSS to its aspenONE petroleum supply chain software products software, which includes Aspen PIMS designed for petroleum and petrochemical planning system and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler for fast, accurate and collaborative creation of refinery schedules.

AspenTech president and CEO Mark Fusco said the aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain software helps to optimize profitability and improves the entire petroleum supply chain.

"PSS and DSS will provide additional capabilities to enable our customers to manage and schedule entire facilities, including docks and pipelines," Fusco added.

"This will result in more effective optimization of the petroleum supply chain."