The first mono-crystalline panels are slated to be available in July 2009. Full thin film production is scheduled to speed up by late 2010.

With the dependence on foreign oil, environmental degradation and the vulnerability of power networks, SolarFab SunPanels, both thin film and the new mono-crystalline, will help meet government and consumers’ growing demand for increasingly efficient and cost- effective solar power.

“Originally, our SolarFab production plant would only manufacture thin film modules, up to 40MW. However, due to high response for our panels, Advanced Solar Photonics will not only be producing thin film, but also mono-crystalline panels,” said Maureen McHale, corporate marketing and public relations manager for ASP. “This new silicon line would initially be 25MW, ramping up to 50MW in a fairly short span of time.”

“Adding another dimension to the manufacturing plant not only allows us to meet customer demands, it also increases job creation for the Central Florida area. Up from projecting approximately 200 green jobs, we now estimate SolarFab will employ 500 people,” said McHale.