A recent exploration on the Sienna claims in the Athabasca basin observed several boulders with radioactivity measuring more than 200 counts per second on a hand-held radiation detector.

During the program, 12 boulders have been encountered and the field radiation results measured over 300 counts per second (cps) with some measuring 1,500 to 1,800 cps as measured on a hand-held radiation detector (RS-125 Super-Spec, Radiation Solutions).

The boulders have been submitted for assay and the results are scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks.

The program also involved installation of 40 radon detector cups, which will be reclaimed for radon analysis in thirty days.

The Sienna West uranium claims are situated 40km southwest of the Sienna claims and have Geological Survey of Canada lake sediment samples with as high as 3.9-7.7 ppm uranium.