The Indian Government had allocated hydro power projects totaling 35,000MW capacity to developers in the state.

Most of the projects are stuck due to issues ranging from delayed forest clearance and lack of infrastructure to opposition from locals.

The Ministry has suggested the state government to de-allocate about 45 projects where developers are still yet to apply for forest clearances.

Besides, the state is expected to receive assistance from the Indian Power Ministry for fast-tracking 13 projects totaling 13,600MW capacity.

For quick execution of projects, the Ministry has agreed to facilitate issues related to clearances and road infrastructure to move equipment in the state where most project locations are in difficult-to-reach places.

The Ministry is also reconciling the process for approval of hydro power project reports by the Central Electricity Authority and other watchdogs.

Some of the projects, which would be put on fast-track, are proposed by the firms including Patel Engineering, Sew Energy, Athena Energy, Reliance Power, Jindal Power and Jaiprakash Associates.