“This partnership with QuickContractors.com is important to the ARISE Systems Division because it will allow us to scale up to meet the high levels of demand expected for solar energy systems when Ontario’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program comes into effect, while continuing to offer the high level of customer service and product quality for which ARISE is known,” stated Vern Heinrichs, ARISE Technologies’ president and chief executive officer.

“By combining our key strengths in the PV engineering and design area with QuickContractors.com’s core strengths in the installation space, we are building on ARISE’s offering, and at the same time we are increasing our residential installation capacity. We are extremely impressed with QuickContractor’s extensive industry network and solid reputation, and there is a strong fit with ARISE,” remarked Ian MacLellan, ARISE Technologies PV systems division’s president.

“ARISE will continue to offer PV solutions directly to all market segments, and will remain as the single point of contact. In the case of residential systems, QuickContractors.com will perform those installations on behalf of ARISE to our quality standards,” he stated.

“We see this as an important move to enable our sales growth strategy as the Ontario solar market heats up. ARISE will continue to offer complete turnkey PV solutions directly. We will continue to focus on optimizing our system business in ways that will enable us to meet our longer-term requirements,” said MacLellan.