Paul has continuously improved the efficiency of our biodiesel reactors, said Fred Clarke, executive vice president of Arisdyne Systems. From our beginning, he has led the activities of the operations team for the development and production of biofuels equipment, and now as our Vice President of Sales Engineering he will help our customers evaluate and select the right biodiesel equipment.

Reinking’s knowledge of the industry and in-depth knowledge of the equipment will aid in his ability to customize and sell cavitation equipment to biofuel and ethanol processors. His position needs selling equipment with extensive technical expertise and support for installation. His new role will allow him to use his engineering expertise with the technology company to help understand what the customer wants. He will recommend improved materials or machinery to customers in order to lower their costs and increase production. In addition, he will lead in formulating new product development strategies and their execution. He will share his insights, experience, and expertise with system design in order to build further intellectual capital and strategic marketing capabilities within the company’s broader commercial organization.

Reinking studied business administration at San Bernardino Valley College and at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His nearly 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of equipment, and sales development will aid in the growth of Arisdyne.