Aria Energy has purchased a 50% interest in Mavrix from BP, and will work with the global oil and gas company to market and distribute renewable natural gas (RNG) to US customers.

Under terms of the acquisition, Aria has assumed full responsibility for operations, maintenance and administration of the Mavrix operating facilities in Canton, Michigan, and North Shelby, Tennessee, and will continue development, engineering and construction of new facilities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Atlanta, Georgia. BP will provide marketing and distribution services to get the RNG into the marketplace.

The partnership comes after BP acquired Mavrix, LLC, in a March 2017 deal to purchase the upstream portion of Clean Energy Fuels Corp.’s renewable natural gas business.

Landfill Gas (LFG) is produced naturally as waste decomposes and consists of roughly 50 percent methane. Landfills above a certain size are required to install a collection system to transport the gas to a collection facility. After collection, the Mavrix facilities convert the LFG to RNG, which is used as a fuel for natural gas vehicle fleets, including heavy-duty trucks. Use of this low-carbon fuel results in approximately 70 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than from equivalent gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles. 

“We are thrilled to partner with BP on these projects and other opportunities going forward,” said Richard DiGia, Aria Energy’s president and chief executive officer. “This is a positive step for our company and the RNG industry.”