Following a state visit by Russian president Vladimir Putin and civil nuclear accord signed by him and Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Argentina’s Atomic Energy Commission said that it would adopt PWR technology for its third reactor.

Federal planning minister Julio De Vido met with Rosatom boss Sergey Kirienko to finalize details of the agreement, according to a report from Argentinian nuclear agency CNEA.

De Vido encouraged Kirienko to visit Atucha II, the country’s third reactor, a new PHWR that is currently ramping up to full power and which he said had currently reached 30% power.

De Vido said that Rosatom was one of five prequalified suppliers for the country’s first light-water, enriched uranium pressurized water reactor. "After completing the phase of heavy water we pass to the light water reactor but with technology transfer."

Talks also reportedly touched on the possibility of finance.

According to World Nuclear News, a tender for unit four is due later this year.

During the Russian state trip to neighbouring country Brazil, Russian nuclear export agency Rusatom Overseas signed an agreement with Brazil’s engineering, construction and industrial firm Camargo Corrêa about building a spent fuel storage facility and nuclear power plant in Brazil.

Russian state media agency ITAR-TASS said that the document envisages an expansion of bilateral cooperation in nuclear power, in particular, the construction of engineering and technical facilities at Brazil’s Angra nuclear power plant and partnership in the construction of new nuclear power units in Brazil.