The contract has a value of more than €21 million over a period of 36 months.

Angra 3 will add a 1,405 MW of capacity to the complex, allowing it to generate in excess of 10 million MWh/year and supply power to over two million people. The ARCADIS scope of work includes technical services during execution and monitoring of inspection and testing, including civil works and electromechanical constructions. At the peak of the activities, 70 ARCADIS professionals will be active on the jobsite.

"ARCADIS Logos has worked at the thermonuclear complex of Almirante Álvaro Alberto since the early 1970’s, when it started with the provision of construction management services to the contractor during implementation of the Angra 1 power plant. In 2010, we returned to provide project management and technical support to Eletrobrás during the implementation of Angra 3. Now, as further proof of confidence in our capabilities, Eletrobrás has awarded ARCADIS with a 2nd contract", highlights Manoel Antonio A. Avelino da Silva, CEO ARCADIS Logos. "Winning this new contract with Angra 3 places ARCADIS, once again, in a privileged position to apply our expertise and experience for the successful and safe implementation of nuclear power plant projects", he added.