Appalachian has filed the first filing under the Commonwealth’s regulatory statutes. The second rate-related filing is for a new bill component to recover transmission costs. The third filing seeks approval of two demand response tariffs that allow commercial and industrial customers to be rewarded for agreeing to reduce power consumption during periods of high prices and emergencies and actually doing so when notified by the company.

The base rate filing seeks adjustments that will increase current base rates by $169m. The transmission adjustment will increase rates about $24m.

Dana Waldo, Appalachian Power president and chief operating officer, said: “These applications come when our customers and the company are attempting to balance rising costs with a recessionary economy. In order to reliably serve our Virginia customers, the company must spend substantial amounts of money for mandated environmental and other necessary energy-related programs at a time when capital is more difficult and expensive to obtain.

Consequently, our filings today reflect the total level of costs Appalachian requires to serve its customers and ensure that the electric infrastructure is ready as we begin to help turn around the area’s economy.”