Antam and PT Len will cooperate in providing small scale solar power facilities in six villages in Eastern Halmahera, North Molucca, Indonesia. The facilities will generate electricity for public facilities, such as government offices, schools, religious facilities, community health centers and street lighting.

Antam expects the program will cost IDR1.4bn, which includes feasibility studies, installation of solar powered generators as well as socialization on the use and maintenance of the facilities. PT Len will appoint its subsidiary PT Surya Energy Indotama to conduct the program.

Denny Maulasa, director of CSR and general affair at Antam, said: “The MoU is part of Antam’s strategy to contribute actively in the development of the surrounding communities by providing electricity supplies in remote areas. With the signing of the MoU, we expect the synergy between Antam and PT Len will help to build harmonious relationships with the stakeholders.”