The contract given by Saskatchewan electric utility SaskPower to Andritz is worth over €90m.

As per the contract terms, Andritz will refurbish six of the eight units at the hydro power plant. The remaining two units were previously refurbished by the Austrian firm eight years back.

Andritz has agreed to carry out model testing and replace six Francis turbine generator sets. Its scope of work also includes replacement of auxiliaries of the turbine generator sets along with the mechanical and electrical balance of the hydro power plant.

According to the Austrian firm, the Francis runners will have a diameter of 4m and produce 35MW each at a rated head of 32m.

The first unit of the Canadian hydro power plant is slated to be dismantled in August 2019 and is expected to resume operations in July 2020. Andritz has revealed that the other five units will follow suit at a rate of one per year until 2025.

The company, in a statement said: “This is the biggest hydropower refurbishment contract to date for Andritz in Canada and once again strengthens Andritz’s favorable market position in the large Canadian hydropower market.”

The E.B. Campbell hydroelectric power station owned by SaskPower is located near Nipawin and was commissioned originally in 1963. It has an annual power generation of 900 million KWH.

While the first six units of the hydro plant were commissioned between 1963 and 1964, the remaining two were brought into production in 1966.

Image: Andritz will refurbish the E.B. Campbell hydroelectric power station from SaskPower. Photo: courtesy of © SaskPower.