The operation licenses will allow the company to construct the ISR well field and processing plant, following issue of an operation permit.

Anatolia managing director Jim Graham said the operation licenses approval marks a major permitting milestone for the Temrezli uranium project.

"We have developed a solid working relationship with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, working cooperatively to advance the Turkish uranium industry," Graham added.

The company performs a major work program over the next 10 months that involves refined metallurgical and hydrological studies as well as an infill and step out drilling program to be incorporated into a Pre-Feasibility Study.

"These are the first Operation Licences for a uranium project in Turkey, and, on the back of our recent capital raising, stand the Company in good stead to bring Temrezli into production in early 2016," Graham continued.

Anatolia Energy will make development decision following completion of the pre-feasibility study.