The new load switch is for high side load switching applications.

While designers of advanced portable systems with hot swap capabilities often need programmability to maximize protection, reverse blocking to control reverse current potentials and a fault flag to indicate over-current or over-temperature conditions, until now they could only add all three functions with a complex discrete approach, states CJ Zhang, product line vice president at AnalogicTech. By integrating all three features into a single monolithic device, the AAT4614 offers designers the highest level of protection available for hot swap in a simple, seamless solution that requires up to one-third less board space than discrete alternatives.

Multiple Protection Features:

The new AAT4614 operates across an input range of 2.4V to 5.5V, which can be used in both 3V and 5V systems. When the input drops below 2.4V, an under-voltage lockout circuit automatically shuts down the operation to avoid saturation.

To protect the device against large input currents which could cause the supply to fall out of regulation, this new load switch features an over current threshold that is programmable up to 1.6A via a resistor from SET to ground. A very fast 1 us current limit transient response decreases the needs for local supply bypassing.

The new AAT4614 adds a reverse current blocking capability to protect the device from the reverse current potentials when stopped. Additionally, the new device features an open drain FAULT flag to indicate the over-current or over-temperature condition. A 4ms blanking time prevents the false reporting during charge of a capacitive load.

The new AAT4614 also features an R(DS(ON)) of 130 milliohm typical.

To conserve power, quiescent current on the new AAT4614 is only 10 uA. In shutdown mode, the supply current reduces to < 1 uA. The new load switch also features an over-temperature protection circuit that automatically switches the device off if die temperature exceeds a pre-defined limit.

Price and Availability:

The new AAT4614 is qualified over -40 degrees to +85 degrees C temperature range, and is available in a Pb-free 8-pin SC70JW, a 6-pin SOT23 or a 5-pin SOT23 package.