American Lighting’s Priori Plus LED under-cabinet light provides a full range of continuous dimming control from 100% light output to 0% and is designed to deliver 50 to 60% more lumens, while using 75% less electricity.

The Priori Plus LED uses high-powered Seoul Semiconductor 120V AC LEDs to eliminate the need for a built-in driver or added power supplies and its linkable design allows for quick and easy interconnection with jumpers or direct connection end-to-end.

The new LED light with average life expectancy of 50,000 hours comes in four lengths and two finishes, emits no mercury or lead and operates 30 to 40% cooler than incandescent and Halogen fixtures to eliminate the risk of damaging items lying close to light fixture and offer energy savings.

American Lighting CEO David Wilkins said that its Priori Plus LED under-cabinet lighting provides a modern and adaptable new lighting fixture for residential and commercial workspaces.