American Jianye Greentech, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Heilongjiang New Clean Fuel, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Fujian Province to build a waste treatment and conversion facility to produce renewable clean fuel.

The Fujian Province government plans to invest $100m to build this technologically advanced facility during the next eighteen months. Once completed, this facility will be capable of processing 500 thousand tons of garbage and 2.7 million tons of sewage sludge annually, producing 100,000 tons clean alcohol fuel.

Heilongjiang New Clean Fuel will oversee the construction and operate this facility when construction is completed. The company is preparing a project report to be submitted for approval by the Fujian Province government. Construction of the facility will commence after the final agreement has been signed.

Haipeng Wang, CEO of American Jianye Greentech, said: “This will be the first waste conversion facility, to be built in China, capable of turning garbage, sludge, and sewage, into an environmentally friendly green fuel. And we expect the fuel produced from this facility to reach the market by end of 2011.

“The technology to be used at this facility has global implications and will help reduce carbon emissions and lead to low-carbon economic development. Waste management that creates green clean and renewable energy to urban and rural areas will make life better in our cities and rural communities.”