SOS provides proactive management and monitoring for a portfolio of Fat Spaniel-enabled solar PV plant sites. The SOS solution gives customers the choice of using existing field service personnel, or optionally contracting a team by choosing qualified personnel from a list maintained by Fat Spaniel.

ACE, which is comprised of a team of solar project integration professionals that are focused on providing solar power systems, holds operations and maintenance contracts for most of their deployed solar projects.

The company said that with the complexity of managing multiple solar projects and the problems that are associated with them, ACE’s technical staff was inundated with orchestrating field teams to diagnose and address on-site issues. This caused possible voids on performance, operations, and maintenance contracts that were being held by ACE.

In order to manage the day-to-day performance of each solar project, ACE adopted Fat Spaniel’s SOS solution to provide real-time data monitoring and analytics for each asset in their portfolio. With this new software service, ACE can receive events and alarms for each installation if a problem exists and they can track performance degradation across one or more projects.

In an increasing portfolio of projects, SOS not only increased project up-time but also maximized new project commissioning and deployment. The time and resource savings that SOS provided quickly paid for the initial investment, the company added.