American Petro-Hunter, a US based exploration and production company, has announced an increase in oil and gas production at its North Oklahoma project in US.

The oil production rate at the company’s NOJ26 well is going up on a daily basis resulting from ongoing separation and pumping off of the fracture load.

At present, the oil cut has passed 10% and with installation of a submersible pump and increase of the pump stroke rate, the well capacity will increase by 400 to 500 barrels of fluid daily in turn boosting oil production to 40-50 barrels of oil per day.

As the oil cut increases and water levels drop, the production goal of over 100 BPD might be realized.

Along with the oil, NOJ26 well is also producing natural gas, which would be sold and the revenue thus generated would be used to support the funding of the project.

The gas buyer has taken a sample with high BTU values and currently work is underway to connect the well to existing infrastructure.

Gas rates have been calculated between 25,000 and 35,000 MCF per day.