Finnish utility company Seinäjoen Energia has awarded a contract to Amec Foster Wheeler to build a biomass dust combustion plant in the country.

Under the contract, Amec Foster will be responsible for the supply of a new 90MWth biomass pellet dust boiler with auxiliary equipment, modification of the existing oil fired boiler to 30MWth wood pellet firing.

The scope of the contract also includes storage silos and handling equipment for biomass fuels, flue gas cleaning systems, stack, modifications to the boiler house, electrification, instrumentation and automation installed and commissioned.

Amec Foster plans to commence installation work during spring 2016. The plant is scheduled to be delivered and commissioned by Seinäjoen Energia in December 2016.

Amec Foster Wheeler vice-president service Jari Nokelainen said: "Our work on this project is a great example of Amec Foster Wheeler technologies and expertise in energy production projects. We are proud to be working on this project and its focus on renewable fuels."

Designed to meet the emission requirements of the new environmental permit, the plant will be operated as back-up for a peak load district heating plant. It is also expected to increase district heating plan’s capacity to 120MWth.

Seinäjoen Energia CEO Martti Haapamäki said: "This investment increases significantly the share of renewable fuels in Seinäjoen Energia heat production.

"The possibility to adopt to the changing conditions in the future was highly appreciated in the decision process. Having a wide fuel envelope in plant design was especially important for us."

Amec Foster said that that the heavy fuel oil combustion will be replaced with biomass based fuels, including wood pellets, wood briquette, bark and forest residue pellets, dried forest residues, agro fuel pellets, peat pellets and coal as a reserve fuel.