Ambient has incorporated the ability to access Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO 3G network into its newly launched, commercially available, X-3000 communications node. Verizon Wireless, America’s most reliable wireless network, provides Ambient ubiquitous and secure data communications for the node, an integral part of the Ambient Smart Grid™ solution. Ambient has sold and is currently delivering their latest product to a large North American utility.

Ram Rao, chief technology officer of Ambient, commented, “Ambient recognizes the diverse needs of our utility partners as they explore various technologies and applications that require an increasingly flexible and robust communications network. To leverage Verizon Wireless’ network into the available backhaul options for our communications platform, we increase the robustness and flexibility of our smart grid communications solution, allowing Ambient to build out networks tailored to meet each utility’s individual needs.”

A robust communications network is the keystone to a modernized electric distribution grid, which allows for efficient collection, analysis and management of energy data, thereby promoting more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly operations. Ambient believes that it should be a major national goal in 2009 to advance federal legislation to decarbonize our economy and to create the most energy efficient economy possible. Ambient continues to design innovative communication and energy sensing products to help electric utility companies towards this important goal.

Utilizing the pervasiveness and reliability of Verizon Wireless’ 3G network, Ambient enables any IP-based application including, but not limited to:

— Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

— Energy management.

— Real-time pricing.

— Demand side management (DSM).

— Direct load control.

— System monitoring.

“Verizon Wireless supports Ambient’s commitment to deliver advanced energy solutions for the utility market over a secure communications network. The broad reach of Verizon Wireless’ network is a cost-effective way for Ambient to extend their utility solutions into topologies that are harder to reach by other common technologies,” stated Anthony A. Lewis, vice president of the open development program at Verizon Wireless.

Ambient’s communication nodes are tightly integrated devices that allow utilities to build private and secure communications networks, based on open standards, that can both integrate legacy utility systems and support the future requirements of the evolving smart grid. The nationwide coverage and strength of Verizon Wireless’ high-speed data network provides Ambient’s customers an additional real-time, two-way communications backhaul option for the X-3000 node. Such an option is required by the growing applications and needs within the utility market.