Amber Kinetics and Enel have jointly signed a two year contract to assess the flywheel energy storage technology.

Enel continuously pursues highly efficient, sustainable operations by means of best available technologies based on a cost-benefit approach.

Toward that goal, the company will measure and demonstrate the performance of Amber Kinetics’ flywheel energy storage systems, beginning with two of the company’s M32 model (8kW/32kWh) flywheel storage systems which will be installed at Amber Kinetics’ test facility in California.

On completion of the three month demonstration, Enel will assess the implementation of M160 model with a capacity of 40kW to 160kWh in one of its thermal plants.

Amber Kinetic co-founder and CEO Ed Chiao said: “Having such a highly regarded and financially solid partner will allow us to more rapidly achieve our vision of providing a work horse option for flexible energy storage solutions around the globe. We look forward to a highly productive collaboration.”

Amber Kinetics’ flywheel energy storage systems will use affordable, sustainable and robust utility-scale and micro-grid energy storage to minimize the electricity costs and enhance unreliable electricity service.

Enel Global Thermal Generation head Enrico Viale said: “Due to the growing energy demand on grids, it is increasingly important to find grid balancing solutions to peaks in demand.

“Amber Kinetics’ flywheel addresses this issue with an interesting alternative to traditional batteries, providing Enel with a flexible solution to energy demand peaks that can be applied across the company’s diverse generation mix.”

The flywheels are claimed to incur no capacity degradation, have unlimited daily cycling capability and $0 variable O&M for 24/7 service. 

Additionally, the flywheel energy storage systems are 100% recyclable and does not posses any risk of harmful substances.