Under the two-year contract, Altus Intervention will perform all mechanical wireline work on the three new Cat D rigs Songa Equinox, Songa Endurance and Songa Encourage currently under construction.

Altus Intervention’s Scandinavian operation president Halle Aslaksen said, We have invested heavily into equipment, technology and training to continuously provide Statoil with the most effective onshore and offshore support available."

In addition to providing operational support to Statoil’s field centres at Stavanger, Bergen, Stjørdal and Harstad, Altus Intervention will manage the agreement from its worldwide headquarters, in Stavanger, Norway.

The offshore contract work includes mechanical wireline and some optional logging services on Statoil operated fields including Heidrun; Njord A; Grane; Gullfaks A, B and C; Heimdal; Huldra; Kvitebjørn; Oseberg B, C, East and West; Troll A; Veslefrikk; Visund A; and Volve.

Additionally, the contract includes mechanical wireline work on the majority of the mobile drilling units Statoil utilize in the North Sea such as Gullfaks satellites, Heidrun satellites, Hyme, Kristin, Mikkel, Norne, Oseberg, Tune, Snorre UPA, Snøhvit, Statfjord satellites, Tordis, Troll, Vega, Vigdis, Visund, Yttergryta and Åsgard.