French power engineering company Alstom has signed two new hydroelectric equipment contracts in Portugal and Panama.

Alstom Hydro, in consortium with its Portuguese partners EFACEC Engenharia and SMM, has won an E94 million contract with Portuguese utility EDP Gestao da Producao de Energia to extend the Alqueva hydro power station at Villa de Beja, Alentejo, Portugal.

Due for completion in early 2012, the Alqueva II project is in line with the Portuguese government’s plan to increase the country’s share of renewable energies.

Pursuant to this contract, Alstom will supply, deliver and install two 130MW reversible turbine-generator units and other mechanical equipment to the plant, increasing total power output to 520MW. EFACEC Engenharia and SMM will be responsible for the balance of plant and erection at the site, respectively.

Alstom Hydro has won a contract with Suez Energy Central America (SECA) worth over an E60 million to supply electromechanical equipment to three new hydro power plants on the Chiriqui River in the province of Chiriqui, Panama.

Under the terms of the contract, awarded to a consortium led by Alstom Hydro, the company will supply the turbines, generators and hydromechanical and lifting equipment to the power plants. Delivery is scheduled to take place from August 2009 to February 2011.

According to the company, the contract strengthens its position in a market where it has been operating for more than 30 years. Installed hydroelectric capacity in Latin America, including Brazil and Paraguay, is 143.8GW, of which Alstom currently holds a 25% share.