Under the contract, signed with Toyo Engineering, Alstaom will supply 12 units of 35MW to 45MW GRT generators, its auxiliaries as well as the condensers to 12 different power plants to Gulf MP Company in Thailand.

The company said that the contract has been awarded along the frame of the third phase of Thailand’s Small Power Producer (SPP) scheme aimed to help Thailand fulfill its energy needs.

Alstom Industrial Steam Turbines vice president Daniel Wahler said: "This is an outstanding success where Alstom has been able to secure a volume order in a very competitive environment. It shows Gulf MP Company confidence in Alstom’s innovative and reliable technology.

"More, this contract reflects our commitment to play a strategic role in the diversification of Thailand’s energy mix."

Alstom’s GRT steam turbines have been designed to provide optimised solutions for an efficient and flexible power and steam production.

The first power plant is due to be commissioned during 2016, followed by the remaining within 2019.

Currently, Alstom is developing a combined cycle new unit in North Bangkok power plant as well as the ultra-supercritical lignite-fired unit in Mae Moh power plant in Thailand.