Work under the contract includes the supply of a new stator, upgradation of the poles, bearings, bearing bracket and starting motor, as well as disassembly and re-assembly, including commissioning.

It is scheduled to begin in June 2016, with planned completion in February 2017.

The upgradation of the generators is necessary as some machine components including generator stands have reached the end of their service life and other parts are in need of repair.

This is expected to result in increased output, besides offering operational safety.

The contract also includes the option of upgrading remaining four generators at the hydropower plant.

Said to be the second-largest pumped-storage power station in Germany, the 1,050MW hydropower plant has been operating since 1979.

The power station generates electricity by moving water between an upper and lower reservoir.

During periods of low energy demand, water is pumped from the lower reservoir at an elevation of 563m to an upper reservoir at 850 m.

When energy demand is high, the water is released back down towards the lower reservoir.

The project uses six 174.25MW reversible Francis pump turbines to pump water.

Alstom offers engineering, design, construction, production and assembly for core components of machines to generate energy from hydro power.